Rendering Software

Rendering Software

Rendering Software

In the past, 3D rendering software was incredibly expensive and required an even more expensive computer in order to run. Today, one of the most popular pieces of rendering software, Blender, is actually free to download, and you can run it on a cheap laptop right out of the box.

Uses for Rendering Software

An obvious use for rendering software is game development. In recent years, the major game studios have had to compete with small teams of amateurs who have little more than a copy of Blender and some good ideas. The independent game market is getting bigger and more legitimate every day. 3D animation is also proving to be a cheap alternative to expensive effects work for independent filmmakers. The CGI somebody makes on their laptop might not look like Transformers 3, but some of the results people are getting might surprise you.

Learning Rendering

Learning rendering isn’t actually all that hard at all. Once you learn how to render a coffee mug in your favorite rendering software, the sky’s the limit. It may be a good idea to study sculpture and play around with some polymer clay now and then in order to develop a good sense of three dimensional shapes. And, of course, any and all artistry is founded on a firm understanding of how to draw. Taking some life drawing courses and keeping a sketchbook is a great way to hone your artistic sensibilities and work out ideas before you set them to 3D.

Jobs in the Field

Once you learn 3D rendering, there are a lot of jobs in the field. Effects work requires a lot of hands on deck and there are tons of entry level jobs. Beginners may only be blotting out wires in action scenes or adding background details here and there, but making a living in special effects is a reality for anybody with a firm understanding of the software.

Most importantly, once you get the hang of it, rendering software is a lot of fun to play with. Coming up with an idea and seeing it through in three dimensions is a truly exciting experience.

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